KALEENA GUZMAN: Owner Lead Planner & Designer


They say do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. It may be a cliche but I'm lucky enough to have it be my life. Planning, designing, & executing events are true passions of mine. I love anything once-loved, re-purposed, or chic. DIY is my middle name! Non-profits and my community have a special place in my heart. I am all about spending local and utilizing all of my resources. I strive to please and am a chameleon when it comes to adapting to the mass of other’s styles to truly give them a product of their own. I simply love every day and every client.

JOHNNY: Planner in the Making! AKA Boss Man


Johnny is a lover of all animals, nature, food, and being mommy's side kick! He has been tagging along to vendor meetings since 2014. (no joke his labor came on in a floral consult for an out of state couple! I made it through until we were all squared away and then drove to the hospital!) He loves that his mommy is an event planner because he has the coolest birthday parties! 

MEGHAN ANDERSON: Event Planner & Designer


My passion for event coordination started at a juvenile age. Growing up, my family always hosted large parties at our home, which allowed me a behind-the-scenes look at the industry on a very minor level. In high school, my oldest sister was married and we did all the work ourselves which really sparked my interest and pushed me toward my dream to make this my job! I love every wedding that I am able to play a part in and strive to make it the best day for the couples I work with!  The challenge of adapting to the unique styles of each couple I work with fuels my natural detail-oriented mind and guides me in producing a beautiful product! Outside of event planning, I volunteer at a summer camp program based out of Rhode Island, instruct the color guard at my alma mater (Londonderry High School), and give back to my community as often as I can! 

ERIN ROARK: Junior Planner


When organizing a successful and memorable event it is essential to plan down to the last detail, then day of, be able to roll with the punches! Positive thoughts create positive results and together we can solve any issues that arise. I am a resourceful multi-tasker who loves to incorporate pieces of personalization. 

In my free time, I enjoy volunteering as a Girl Scout Co-leader for my daughter’s troop, I have started hiking NH’s 4000 footers and I am an equal opportunity breakfast consumer… I love any food that is breakfast related! 

LOGAN LAMB: Summer Intern


 I am currently attending Saint Leo University in Florida, and just finished up my junior year! I am majoring in Hospitality & Tourism Management with a specialization in Event Planning. I went into college and spent the first two years not knowing what I wanted to do; there are just so many opportunities out there that it was difficult to narrow it down. I kept calling my parents telling them I was afraid I was not going to be able to pick a major that interested me, my mom responded with “I could see you doing something that would involve you working with people!” and this was something that was said quite often to me by my friends at school as well. So, I took a second and thought of all the times growing up how much fun I had helping my mom setting up for prom and decided to take an intro class in the hospitality field. I immediately fell in love and decided to declare my major. It wasn’t until the beginning of my junior year that I decided to specialize my major in Event Planning.  I decided to specialize in event planning because planning events always gives you this adrenaline rush like no other. I am such an adrenaline junky but don’t let this fool you, I am always looking for a thrill but first you have to put in the work to receive the reward!